Makluquat is a simply living creature, shop-owner by profession his family business, Like other millions of third world’s country he was also earn Breads for his Family and working harder like beast for Butter. Suddenly he arrested by Brain Stroke. Goes in comma, feel his transformation into a Wood. So Princess of the kingdom comes to visit this miracles and quarrel starts between her and her sister with the body or phenomenon  of the body and Makluquat saw all the fantasy of politics and politics of relations in his dreams when he reach close to his death. I just wrote his visualization and enjoy.
Short Films Scripts
Some of the short stories I Like and Feel best for Filming
Shorter Stories
Collection of my Short Stories: for example
‘I will take my dad’s I-phone’
‘I will take his Lap-top’
Sister says, ‘please wait, you successions’
The man says, ‘Sorry, sir’
God say, ‘It’s okay’
and other poetries
Bangla translation of Kha;il Gibrar's poetries or better say, his Philosophies
The Golden Rules of the Game
We, the people of a society cannot jump easy any hurdles. As a worker of media, show business, I saw several lives. All the characters I draw here are true, but I am not using their real names and the names of real place and organizations but stories were not fake..
It is a single Novel of Three Different Lives. First one is a small-educated beautiful small town girl, who became a model, and spoiled life. Second life is of a talented not so good-looking girl becoming an actress. And the last one is of a Pimp, un-educated ambitious.
Ashraf ul Alam Shikder